Thursday, April 1, 2010

Checking and Saving Accounts

While working my part time job the other night I happen to have a conversation with a fellow employee.
He spoke about he having to come back to the store on his day off to pickup his pay check.
I asked him why didn't he have direct deposit of his weekly pay check.
He told me that he had overdrafted the account by a few cents and didn't pay it and the bank ended up charging him $30.00 plus eight dollars a day,for not bringing his account current.
So in turn now he's unable to open a bank account at a local bank and must depend on check cashing places and prepaid debit cards.
Well I told him how he could start anew by opening a saving account ,he didn't seem all that interested.
So fellow bloggers should I follow up with him or just let him continue down that slippery rope of being ripped-off?

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