Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crime and Policing our community

Yesterday another teen was arrested here in Pittsburgh for a senseless shooting,when news of the shooting happen it rated 10 lines in the online verison of our local newspaper.
The lives of people in my community has become worthless then a cat or dog.
But no one seems to notice,life for most Black folks just seem to just chug along like everything is honkey dorey.
It's like everyone is in denial to the state of dispair that our community is in.

Checking and Saving Accounts

While working my part time job the other night I happen to have a conversation with a fellow employee.
He spoke about he having to come back to the store on his day off to pickup his pay check.
I asked him why didn't he have direct deposit of his weekly pay check.
He told me that he had overdrafted the account by a few cents and didn't pay it and the bank ended up charging him $30.00 plus eight dollars a day,for not bringing his account current.
So in turn now he's unable to open a bank account at a local bank and must depend on check cashing places and prepaid debit cards.
Well I told him how he could start anew by opening a saving account ,he didn't seem all that interested.
So fellow bloggers should I follow up with him or just let him continue down that slippery rope of being ripped-off?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I need your help

I have created a new site that is dedicated to bring news that you can use,if you would like to contribute to this endevor,please drop me a note.
                                                                        James McCoy